Totopacker's Moving Tips

To make your packing and moving, hassle-free, we are providing some packing and moving tips. Packing and moving are not easy task. In fact, they are very tedious and hectic task and make you stressful. To lessen your problem, you can get assistance of professionals. If you don’t want to get assistance of professionals you ought to follow following packing and moving tips:

»Gather packing materials and start packing 2 or 3 weeks before.
» Pack one room at a time.
» Use different size of boxes and cartoons for different sizes of goods.
» Use strong and durable cartoons or boxes.
» Always have heavy things in the bottom of the box or cartoon.
» Pack small items in a small box and you may keep it in big box.
» Make sure that the weight of your box is reasonable. It should not be exceed 50 KG.
» Computers, Refrigerators, Televisions etc should be kept in their own cartoons.
» If you add a tag in each cartoon it will be more convenient.
» Pack your glassware or breakable things separately putting cotton among them.
» While loading always keep less important things in bottom and always put on top your cartoons of glassware.
» Before moving count down your packed cartoons or boxes and make sure not anything is left.
» Make seated children and old carefully on the moving vehicle or others.
» Take water and food materials with you.
» Before leaving or moving turn off lights and waters.